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Cool based person on the internet

lukesmith.xyz - LukeSmith personal website
https://distro.tube/index.html - DistroTube website a Based Linux chad, Create some Linux / Free Software guide
mstdn.starnix.network/@nerdtronics - Root BSD insert Bizzare Purple Frog here Based boomer, OpenBSD user.
bandithijo.dev - BanditHijo ®-Chive website
radhitya.my.id - al1r4d website
autono.my.id - al1r4d another website

Others website or blog

solar.lowtechmagazines.com - A website that use lowtech yet efficient technology website, is a solar-powered websitewhich means it sometimes goes offline
ubuntubuzz.com - ubuntubuzz.com additional information is unofficial ubuntu/linux/opensource fan blog which want to share information, article, and news about linux, ubuntu, and free opensource software, the owner is a good right person who taught me about GNU/Linux and Free Software Stuff

Software reference

suckless.org - Software that suckless.
harmful.cat-v.org/software/ - Considered harmful.
boards.4channel.org/g/ - 4chan /g/ Technology board, a least anti-norms social media.
wiki.musl-libc.org/alternatives.html - Resource list for alternative libraries and programs that are lightweight, not bloated, efficient or have other useful design characteristics and may be usable with musl.
wiki.musl-libc.org/projects-using-musl.html - A project that using musl libc.

Web tools

For UI / UX things

encycolorpedia.com - encycolorpedia.com is a Color Picker with Color Meaning Summary, Hex color codes, paint matching.

Youtube Channel of

Cool based person on the internet

yewtu.be/c/LukeSmithxyz - Luke Smith Runescape Default Character Based tech boomer that say “ok” so many times, use ThinkPad X200, T420, X60, X220 (mainly) with dwm, creator of LARBS, linguistic sometime, “what’s up guys, vim diesel here”.
yewtu.be/c/MentalOutlaw - Mental Outlaw aka Luke Smith Deepfake aka Jayson Tatum One of few least tech news youtuber that you can trust, Gentoo user, anti-christ hater.
yewtu.be/c/DistroTube - Distro tube .
yewtu.be/channel/UCngn7SVujlvskHRvRKc1cTw - BugsWriter aka Pajeet Luke Smith Clone
yewtu.be/channel/UCbpe1SYzZKG4RswEnxxSRZQ - Root BSD Channel.
yewtu.be/c/ThePrimeagen - ThePrimeAgen Channel, Die-hard vim user.
yewtu.be/c/BanditHijo - BanditHijo yewtu.be/c/AlifRadhitya - al1r4d youtube.com/c/esteevteev - Tevvez, Real life Giga Chad, Create Fuarking Awesome Hardstyle Music.
youtube.com/channel/UCvYnG6ZK2CWJOFRVnmj238Q - Lexx Little, Real Life Giga Chad too, WE GO GYM!!! WE GO GYM!!! NOW!!!

Free Course (Most is Free as in Gratis)

landchad.net - This is LandChad.net, a site dedicated to turning internet peasants into Internet Landlords by showing them how to setup websites, email servers, chat servers and everything in between.
freecodecamp.org - freeCodeCamp is a community of millions of people around the world who are learning to code together. You can learn to code with free online courses.
theodinproject.com - The Odin Project is one of those “What I wish I had when I was learning” resources.
typingclub.com - Learn Touch Typing with Interactive Gamification style games.

Fediverse Social Media

Fediverse Server

joinmastodon.org - Mastodon | Fediverse, a Free Open Source Fediverse Server, Social networking that’s not for sale.
pleroma.social/ - Pleroma | Frediverse, a Free Open Source also Lightweight Fediverse server.

Mastodon Instance [ActivityPub]

mstdn.starnix.network - Starnix is a community effort lead by FOSS enthusiasts for the purpose of establishing ActivityPub Software and promoting Fediverse usage.


Urban Dictionary’s - A place to find meanings about slang words and such.

Reddit Mitigation

Teddit - An free open source front-end to Reddit focused on privacy that doesn’t require you to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.
Unddit - splay removed (by mods) and deleted (by users) comments/posts for Reddit.

Cool subreddit

teddit.net/r/thinkpad - Subreddit about ThinkPad (A glorious place to see ThinkPad things btw).
teddit.net/r/unixporn - Subreddit about UNIX (or NIX like) ricing / customziation their own UNIX system (A glorious place to see cool UX reference things btw).

Youtube mitigation / Alternative

yewtu.be - yewtu.be is a Youtube Mitigation, a Invidious instance (An open source alternative front-end to YouTube)
piped.kavin.rocks - Piped is a alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.
odysee.com - Odysee is a Youtube alternative using LBRY as back-end, sometime I found the Rabbit Hole video’s here.


sqt - based autistic community that you will gonna say “wtf!” after enter it, IRC channel also available.

Focus | We're All All Gonna Make It Brah! 🔱

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